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  • Click one of these links to visit one of my favorite websites.

    (Broken)Guild Sessions Homepage Where you could have ordered the Guild Sessions vol.1 CD. I recorded/engieneered as well as played percussion for two songs on the CD. Mark Deshazo wrote one and produced both of those songs.

    The Rhythmusic Homepage. Home to music made by myself and my friends.

    The From Here to There Homepage. "Mostly Folk, Mostly Accoustic..." Kimberly McMartin Heads up this band from the Seattle, Wa, USA locale with her Celtic and Contemporary Christian influences. Her Keyboard, Guitar, and Hammer Dulcimer skills combined with the Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Flute, and of course excellent backing vocals make for a fine fulfillment of both the orignal songs and covers from the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Caedmon's Call, Indigo Girls, and many more.

    Thom Hartwick A fellow drummer I know from college who has some great ideas about modern drumming. I've never met a man who could play snare etudes with his feet before! Check it out, you'll be amazed.

    The Caedmon's Call Home Page Home to one of my favorite bands.

    The Bebo Norman Homepage Another of my favorites, this guy is awesome!

    Awakening Records Homepage This site features some really great indie artists that are also some of my favorites.

    Grassroots Music Homepage This site features some really great indie artists, too, and a lot of them are shared with Awakening.

    (Broken) Cuillin home page This is a great celtic rock band I heard from Canada.

    Youth Uninspired The Band of one of my fraternity brothers.

    Friends and Family:

    Kimberly McMartin's Web Page Kimberly and I are close friends from way back. You can hear some of her music on the Guild Sessions CD, or visit the official From Here to There website, too.

    Mark DeShazo's Web Page Mark is a great friend and fellow band member in the now-defunkt band By The Way.

    Jann Davenport's Web Page. My mom, what can I say? She's Cool !


    Elm Tree Forge The Smithy of Mark Brothers, a Blacksmith from Oklahoma CIty, OK,USA. He can be seen at the Medieval Fair in Norman, OK the first weekend in April annually. Here is a link to a .zip of pictures I took this year.

    The Music of Donal Hinely, whom I also saw at the Medieval Fair this year. Here is a link to a .zip of pictures I took of him in action.

    The Celtic Saints Need I say more?

    Bible Gateway is a searchable bible in many versions and languages.

    Hotbot is a great confidurable search engine.

    Musicmaker's Kits Inc. Has a great assortment of accoustic instruments you can build. The Plucked Psaltry has a great sound for around $50 !

    Celtic Christianity A page run by Stuart Woodward, who moderates a celtic christian webring (linked from site).

    Celtic Orthodox Christian Church


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