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My Vacation Trip with my Lovely Little Latina.

Oct 29 - Nov 2

Click here to see the trip as it really was! :0)

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My house, where you can see LOTS of pictures of my house as it progreses.
(Updated 3-20-05)

My Visit to Seattle is a page showing my adventures there.
(Updated 9-22-04)

The Drumline Site ,where you can see the drumline I teach at Western Heights High School.
(Updated 9-22-04)

The Art Gallery , where you can see me, my friends and surroundings, and some of my artwork.
(Updated 6-16-04)

The Private Chapel , where I will utter my prayers and collect my thoughts for the long fight.
(Updated 3-24-03.)

The Library , where I keep some of my writings. (Poetry, my songs, and just general stuff.)
(Updated 03-23-06)

The Studio , where I post music I have created, recorded, engineered, or produced.
(Updated 04-07-04)

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  • Greetings (12-11-05)
  • Utilities (Long ago)
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