My Visit to Seattle


Where the pictues never end... (and neither did the puns)

Well, I got through security with very little difficulty or embarrassment. Boarding, however, was another story. I was kinda nervous anyway, and had been following this pair of lovely young ladies through the line. When one of them took an isle seat on 15, I somehow confused my row number and was convinced I was to sit in 15F. It wasn't until a guy same by and said "15F... are you sure you're in the right seat?" that I was forced to realize my error. I at first thought I was supposed to be there, then took out my ticket and saw 19F written clear as anthing on it. I turned bright red as the flight attendant walked by about then and said it happens all the time, which was little comfort. I was sure the girl I had followed onto the plane thought i wanted to sit in her row at all costs... The guy whose seat I had taken was very easy going, and said he didn't mind, so he went and sat in my seat (back where the wing wasn't blocking his view...). I recoved my composure and we took off with me tuned in to the tower radio traffic on the plane's audio system. We had to go around some storm clouds, but made it to Denver on time. The view was not as cool as I hoped due to all the clouds, but there were still some nice surreal views of canyons and cliffs and ocean-bottom-looking formations. The lady in the seat next to me snored, but since I had the tower traffic in my ear it wasn't bad. The girl in the aisle seat watched a DVD on her laptop, but only gave me a couple of nervous glances when I was kept looking at it and realizing what a great idea it was. I got to Denver ok, and found my terminal for the next flight immediately. I went back to a Quizno's for some supper and happened to meet a guy also going to Seattle on my flight. We had a nice litle get-to-know-you chat, and finished eating. When we went to the terminal the flight was delayed due to mechanical reasons. The chap I had met got his upgrade to 1st class, as expected, and we got to board after all, and only about 10 minutes late.

More to come, Pete just got home...

Ok, on with the show and tell... So we board and the Pilot comes on and tells us the bad news is they couldn't fix the box that broke, but the good news is they gave us a brand new one! The flight was as it got dark, so no real scenery to look at out the window, but I still tried to take a few pictures of the cities we passed. They showed a movie of flip-down LCD screens, and I divided my time in the audio between that (Schrek 2) and the tower traffic once again. We managed to arrive only 5 minutes late, and I followed a couple that was coming home to Seattle to the baggage claim area, which meant I had to ride a subway to a different set of terminals. Pete met me thee and said Kimberly has stayed at the car since she wasn't feeling well after an impromptu nap in preparation for the late arrival (I got there at about 11:00pm Pacific Time).

More to come, gonna take some pictures of the house and walk around the blck a little.

Nice little walk it was. Very good dinner, too. but back to the story. Met Pete at the baggage claim area, and Kimberly did meet us on our way to the car. Drove home and talked for a while before going to bed and reading. Went to sleep at about 4:45am central time, 2:45am local time. Spent the next day with Kimberly doing chores and shopping for the week and all. Went to Trader Joe's grocery store, where they sell all kinds of organic and unusual items (usually at lower prices). Saturday we went to 2nd Beach. More about that tomorrow.

Well, I am back home, and should get some time the next few days to flesh out the details and post and resize pictures. It is pretty ate right now though, and I want to get up and go to a new church in the morning, so

So anyway... we went to 2nd beach on Saturday. We drove about a mile to the ferry, waited in line for an hour to catch it, then crossed Elliott Bay over to Kingston, WA and continued down the highway toward the pacific Ocean. It was my first ferry ride, and it was also the biggest boat I have ever been on. They have 4 lanes of tall-vehicle space in the middle, (I even saw a tour bus on one!) and two more lanes on each side (one above the other). above all this is a passenger deck (indoor) and an observation deck (on top of the whole boat).
My first ferry ride, a short while after leaving Edmonds, a suburb of Seattle.
We drove about 2-1/2 hours and passed Crescent Lake (shaped like a crescent) which is very beautiful!
Crescent Lake, on the way to 2nd Beach.

The trail down to 2nd beach.
The trail down to 2nd beach.
My first look at the ocean...
My first real view of the ocean. Nice, huh?
My First Picture at the ocean beach...
My feet in the ocean. Yep, you guessed it, first time.
Beutiful ocean scene.
View just to the right of the last one.
Peter and Kimberly on the beach in front of a cliff."/a>
Looks like a photo from a professional cataloge, huh? I took a lot of these, but figured I would spare you all the various textures.
In a little higher tide, this is an island.
Me on the would-be island.
What it looked like from the beach looking inland. Darn bird moved right before I took this pucture.
"Someone's child playing in a stream as it entered the ocean. (Yes, they were just out of the picture)
Panoramic view of the beach and the ocean
The trail on the way back to the car.
The trail on the way back to the car again.
And the trail on the way back to the car again.
Yet again.
Crescent Lake, on the way back from 2nd Beach in prettier weather.
The sanctuary in The Anchor, Pete and Kimberly's church.
Matt, bandmember in FHTT, and good friend of ours.
Peter and Kimberly's House in Lynnwood
This is a tree that looks to be falling all over itself...
Kimberly and I standing by the bronze pig at Pike Place Market
Our Israeli friends with us at the pier outside Iver's
the Space Needle from the ramp leading into it
Our Israeli friends by some sand sculpture
a picture of the area far below taken with my digital camera through a telescope!
me on the Space needle
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